gov2go Designs

While working on the gov2go app, I worked within a larger cross-functional team to create beautiful and functional designs for our federal and state partners. gov2go has several user types (agent, citizen, and admin), but my designs were for the citizen users. One of my duties was to create designs for different devices.

For messaging, I had to accomodate the user's workspace based on breakpoints to meet the device's limitations. For the desktop size, we used a split view.

I created system settings for the user. We wanted users to be able to control different aspects of gov2go to address their individual needs.

For the login, we worked on different ways that the login was implemented, which depended on the state organization that was implementing it within their own system. There were state requirements that restricted user data. Per business requirements, we created a federated system that allows users to access multiple databases on a single gov2go. If the user wasn't found in the state system, then we had to create a workaround for the user. We accomodated for each state, allowing them to have a unique experience.

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